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TERM 3, 2020

Week 6

Years 2-3

Welcome to this weeks learning which is on our current story Jack and the Beanstalk.
Listen to the story from last weeks task again. Complete the tasks and email me if you would like to share your learning with me.


Task 1
Write the sentences below in the correct order to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk- At the top of the beanstalk Jack finds a castle where a giant lives.
-Jack sells the cow for magic beans.
-Jack takes gold, a harp and a hen that lays golden eggs.
-The bean grows and Jack climbs up the beanstalk.
-The giant chases Jack. Jack chops down the beanstalk.​Task 2
Spot the Differences.


​Task 3
Ask an adult to help you make baked beans on toast
Tutorial Link


Years 4-6


Hope you enjoyed your GTT activities last week. This weeks activities will be around things we may find in the garden.
You can contact me on to give me your responses to these tasks.Task 1
Find out the names of the fruit and vegetables in these pictures.

a. Write the names of each one.
b. List the ones you have tried.
c. Which ones did you like or not like and why?


Task 2
Write down the differences you can see in theses cooking pictures



Task 3
Try out the food games on this site.
Using the arrows scroll across to the two games on fruit and the two games on vegetables.