School is open and we are keeping things running as safely and smoothly as possible. It is important that children are in school if they are well so that they can enjoy life in a classroom with a teacher and their friends. If your children are going to be away

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Outside the Classroom

Our Eco Warriors went to visit the Refuse Centre today. This visit will help to deepen their knowledge with Reducing, Re-using, & Recycling. They had an amazing time. Thank you to the Centre for hosting us today.

Continuing on with what we have learnt in our school pool – we’ve graduated onto the big stuff!

Takapuna Beach Trip

The juniors went to Takapuna Beach to do a ‘Rocky Sea Shore’ trip. This is a part of our study this year on ‘Sustainability’ we are looking at the rocky sea shore. We travelled by bus and had parent helpers – see our adventures below.
Rooms 15, 17 & 18
Rooms 9, 10, 11 & 12
Rooms 13 & 14