Room 11

Welcome to Room 11 2021
We are certainly living in unusual times. Over the next few days and weeks I am planning to set up our Room 11 page as a learning environment for some home ideas and anyone who wishes to keep in contact.

contact me by email  
text me or call on 021 834 677
It loooks like we are going to be in lockdown 4 for another week.
Here are some activities to keep you going.
Don’t forget you need to text, or email me every school day.
This is a ministry of education requirement.
If you do not contact me I have to mark you absent.
This week is maori language week.
Check out this website
If you can, watch the video ‘We’re going on a bear hunt”
Draw  a picture of a school bag.
Inside it draw and labDel the things you might need to take on abear hunt.
Draw a map showing the path they took on the bear hunt.
Now get your family to help you act out the Bear Hunt usuing the map to help you.Bear Hunt Story Map.pdf
Write a story about the story or about you going on a bear hunt.
I went on a Bear Hunt.
I wasn’t scared.
OH oh, sand pit.
squidgy, squadgy
squidgy, squadgy.
By Mrs Angell
Here is our Cosmic Yoga Lady doing “We’re going on a bear hunt”
Get your family to do this with you. It is a lot of fun.
 Fun games to play
Hide The Bear:
You can also play another game to practice over, under, through. Take a small teddy bear and added some jingle bells to his neck. The students should close their eyes and you would hide the bear. Using a  chair draped with a blanket, put the bear under or over the seat. The students will have to listen carefully and guess where he is hiding. Lots of fun!
Using the same bear, you can play another listening game if you have more children to play with. Sit in a circle and choose one person to be the bear in the middle. The children in the circle say “Go to sleep Bear. Don’t peek Bear”. The person in the middle closes his/her eyes while the other kids hide the bear with the jingle bells behind someone’s back. (Everyone else can place their hands behind their backs too so as not to give it away.) Once hidden, the kids say “Wake Up Bear!” and the person in the middle has to guess, based on listening for the jingle bells, who is hiding the bear! The one hiding the bear then takes a turn in the middle! This is tons of fun too!
Perhaps the favourite activity of all was the gummy bear graphing. Make a graph and then place the gummy bears in the correct spot on the color axis (the Y axis, if I remember my high school match correctly). The X axis was labeled with numbers. After they put the bears in the correct spots, they colored the graph in and were allowed to eat the gummy bears!
If you can’t use gummy bears you could use smarties or skittles.
Wow I have found the greatest activity of all.

A favourite activity for sensory and messy play was setting up a sequence of events from the story and acting them out, first using the doll house family and then fingers and hands.

Then finally out in the garden. Check out the picture.

When you go on your walk have a look for some spring flowers.
Daffodils are a lovely yellow.   Count the daffodils.
Listen to this lovely story.
Ask yourself- How are we the same and how are we different?
Is it ok to be different? How are you different from others?
Talk to your family. Let’s celebrate our differences.
Write about your differences.
Here is an example:-    Mrs Angell is different from other teachers because she is very short.
                                        She doesn’t let this stop her from being the best she can be.
                                        She can’t always reach for things up high but she can ask people for help.
                                         Mrs Angell may be little but she  can make herself heard.
Draw a spring picture
Here is a video on how to draw a  very special daffodil.
When we do Maths at school we often have problems. I will put 3 maths problems here about spring. See if you can make up 2 more.
1.Aliyah picked 12 daffodils . She gave 7 daffodils to her mother. How many did she have left?
2. In the morning I saw 4 daffodils in my garden. When I looked later 5 more had peeked out from the ground. How many were there all together?
3.In Spring we have changable weather. Last week it rained for 2 days, then it was cloudy for 2 days, then it was sunny for 3 days. How could we show this as a picture, a maths story(that means using numbers) and a graph (like our birthday graph)
Make up some of your own.
You might need to get someone in your family to write them down for you, so you can work out how to do it.  
A good way to start the day is with Yoga.
Cosmic yoga is a website which has lots of different yoga stories.
They are lots of fun.
Here is one for you to try.        
I know you like funny stories. Try this one. It si called “Poo in the Zoo”
Don’t forget to look at the reading website

Go to free resources to be able to read these books.

Scroll right down to see photos of you

I hope you are staying well and safe.

Please email or text me each day so I can mark the class roll.


If you would like some extra maths to do we have found this cool website which is free while we are in lockdown. Make the most of it as it may not be available after lockdown.

Here are a couple of other Maths websites you might like.>games>math



Today is the 3rd of September. We are now in Spring. What changes have you noticed when you have been outside? It is a beautiful day so make some time to go for a walk to look for Spring things.

Draw and write about the things you can see.

Make a list of spring words. You can use these to help you write.

Here is a lovely story about the beginning of Spring. I love the music that goes along with it

September is also Bee Month Have you seen any bees flying around? What are they looking for?Try to observe bees working on a flower. What are they doing? What are they looking for? You could make a map of your garden and plot where the bees go. That sounds like a fun activity.

Draw a bee in your garden.  Does your bee have 3 parts to its body, 6 legs, 2 antenae or feelers and 4 wings? Remember a bee is an insect. Have you seen the tongue or probiscus of a bee?               

Here are a couple more activites you can download from the internet.

BAM 21 Schools resources final.pdf


Toilet Rolls are a good thing to use to make a bee. Here is a selection of things to make a bee.


Here is a lovely little bee story. It will help you to understand what bees do. Can you think of why we use the saying “as busy as a bee”

Hi Everyone,

Today is my Birthday (2nd September)

If you would like to make me a card that would be really cool.

Take a photo of it and send it to me.



Guess what?

I have been applying for a grant (money)to update our sandpit. It would mean changing the grassed area outside Room 9 and 11 to a large sandpit. If you would like to have a say in what goes in the sandpit area start thinking and drawing and designing The sandpit would be 6.5metres wide and 10 metres long.

If you draw a rectangle 6.5cm wide and 10cm long, put all your ideas inside. Consider things like a boat, water, rocks, riverstones, seated areas, mud kitchen, tyres, rope, roadways and other things you might like. 

Let your imagination go crazy.   Bring your designs to school on our return and we will see what we may be able to include. 

Here are a couple of pictures to get you thinking.

b48993e2f00b66aa0a764137ad55c9d4.jpg            a359bdc0a41fd6cc2cbeedcbc13e234a.jpg


Have you tried out this website yet?

These books are set out at levels similar to the ones at school.

Tuatara Group (emergent)(pink)  Level A

Butterflies (emergent) (pink)   Level A

Pukeko  (Red)      Level A,B,C

Dolphins (Yellow)  Level A,B,C,D,E,F

Tui (Blue)  Level D,E,F,G,H

Go to free resources to be able to read these books.


Do you like doing science things in the kitchen?

Watch this video to see what you can do with baking soda and vinegar.

Watch to the end of the video when something funny happens.

Sometimes when we are stuck  inside we find it difficult to be kind.

Enjoy this story and think about how you can be kind.

You can do lots of things to show kindness. You might like to try one of these:-

1. Write a chalk message on the concrete path outside your house. As other families  walk by they will read your happy message and smile.

2. Make a sign to hang inyour window or on your letterbox like “Have a great day” or “keep calm and walk”

3.Be a job/chore fairy. Show kindness by secretly doing a siblings job.

4. Make a poster thanking people for helping you or for being kind to you.

5. Draw a happy picture and put it in someones letter box on your walk.

Here are some arty ideas to show and think about kindness

Here is a funny storyabout using too much glue.

I don’t suggest you try this at home.



Here are some new activities and stories for you.

This is the story “The Colour Monster. It is a lovely story about mixed feelings and how we can manage our emotions. It is OK  to be sad or angry but we all need to learn how to deal with difficult times.

When we get back to school we will do some work around “The Colour Monster”  I will share my colour monster with you and show you a game to play.

Think about times when you have been sad, happy, angry and calm. Draw some jars like in the book and put things inside that represents  your feelings.



Have a look at this cool video about staying safe

VIDEO-2020-03-27-12-43-39 (1).mp4

Here are some more ideas to do with the colour monster.

Have fun


img-0048_orig.jpg             Angry Colour Monster.


Some of you have been up to all sorts of things. Here are some photos.

Aliyah, Lovely work     IMG_8426.jpg

Raiden, I like the effort you are making with your worksheets   


Jolina,   Excellent writing. You are right Bees are very important.    IMG_1212.jpg

Raiden, Thanks for the card            IMG_0617.jpg

Filipe, Excellent work. IMG_20210831_090628.jpg

You are making some really cool stuff with Dad, Aidan   20210825_090736.jpg

Thank you for the birthday card Ariella     20210903_105759.jpg


Lovely pictures Jolina       IMG_4064.jpg

Antony        0.jpg                0-1.jpg    

Aaron and his family have been making cookies to give to the neighbours.



Jolina has been writing and drawing.           

IMG_4053.jpg Jolina.jpg

Raiden has been painting rocks to hide in the park for others to find.

20210827_103935.jpg Raiden.jpg

20210827_112820.jpg Raiden.jpg                      

20210827_105410 (1).jpg Raiden.jpg


Aaron has been working hard

image_67168257.JPG Aaron.JPG




This is the email I sent out the other day.



The very best advice I can give you is:- Try not to stress about your child’s education. Everyone is in the same situation. There are lots of things you can do at home. One thing you do have is … time. 

Here are a few suggestions for the rest of this week. If we continue in lock down the teachers will sort something else out.


Go for a walk. Be a detective and notice things around you. What can you see? What can you hear?  What has changed since the last time you walked down this street. Are there any signs of Spring yet?  Collect some things on the way. Take photos. Look for snails that are hibernating. How do you know they are hibernating?


When you get home you could make a map of your street.

 Glue the things you collected onto the map where you found them. You could add to this each day.

Write about your walk with help from a bigger person.

Read the story you have written.


Play our robot game of Following directions. Remember to use the words left and right. forward and backwards. Count your steps.


Read and share lots of lovely books. If you run short of stories go to You tube. It is important that the children listen to stories  being read to them, rather than TV type programmes.

The research evidence suggests  that children watching TV programmes or programmes where you don’t interact are not memorable for children.


Most importantly                  HAVE FUN        

Thinking of you

Jenny Angell


Here are some more ideas using the internet.

Try these:-

Listening and Sharing stories

You don’t have to sign up.

A collection of great stories read by famous people.

Keep pausing the story to engage with your child by asking questions and having discussions.

    Lovely books for listening to and sharing with your family.


Math ideas>games>math



Guided Reading

These books are set out at levels similar to the ones at school.

Tuatara Group (emergent)(pink)  Level A

Butterflies (emergent) (pink)   Level A

Pukeko  (Red)      Level A,B,C

Dolphins (Yellow)  Level A,B,C,D,E,F

Tui (Blue)  Level D,E,F,G,H

Go to free resources to be able to read these books.



Room 11 children love “Pete the Cat” Stories.

There a so many of them on youtube.

Here is one of our Favourites

“Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons”


They are lots of fun. Enjoy them and perhaps you might like to do one or more  of these activities.


Here are some “Pete the cat” maths Activities.

Pick out something you might like to do.


If you make something, take a photo and share it with me.

 I will put it on our classroom page.