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Room 12



Kia Ora Whanau, I hope everybody had a lovely weekend enjoying family time. We had an exciting couple of weeks with Fathers Day and welcoming Spring. Our class has been trying some new morning moves/exercises, weather reporting, and sharing our feelings. I’m really excited to share some of our amazing work including some lovely Father’s Day selfies. 

Father’s day special

Welcome Spring

spring poem.mp4


Good morning everybody, I hope you had a lovely family weekend. The weather wasn’t bad so we didn’t miss out on our daily walks and exercise. It is officially Spring on Wednesday, so we can look forward to longer days and warmer days! Your activities for this week are assigned on SeeSaw. I have assigned them all at once so you can pick the ones you would like to do first. I have really enjoyed seeing your posts and commenting on them. Here are some of our work from last week.

Love Mrs. Akbari 

Maths: Cris’s subtraction work.

Reading: Mark’s reading and writing.

Jolly Phonics: Ayden 

Jolly Phonics: Deborah

Monday 23rd August – Friday 27th August

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. We have been very lucky with the sun shining on us!

Mrs. Akbari has been feeling super proud of all the lovely work happening in our SeeSaw classroom, so thought of sharing some on our classroom page. Here is what Room 12 was up to last week.


After reading ‘I like myself’ we came up with 3 things we really loved about ourselves and Aaliyah was the star for this activity!


Mrs. Akbari has assigned this week’s activities on SeeSaw, Please make sure you complete at least 2 activities each day.

Stay safe

Kia Ora Room 12 Whanau,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe in your bubble. I really missed seeing you all come in as you usually do with your smiling faces and your book bags ready for the day. However, I feel good to know that you are safe and sound with your lovely families.

We are doing really well in our SeeSaw classroom, keep up the good work!

Please come and visit me on this page as well, it’s our Room 12 classroom page. Mrs. Akbari will be updating this page with some exciting and fun activities you could do during your time at home. I will be in touch, and in the meantime keep safe, remember to pause, breathe and smile.

Mrs Akbari


The Bear Hunt  

Walk outside and see how many teddy bears you can spot. You may take a note book with you to record or draw the ones you find or you can ask an adult if they can help you take photos.


During your walks outside think about direction and position. Ask yourself these following questions and use your note book to record them.

What direction are you going?

Are you going straight?

Are you turning left?

Are you Turning right?

How many steps do you need to take from your door to get to your post box?

When you get home you can draw a map of your street.

Skip counting in 2

Continue practicing skip counting in twos: 2 4 6 8 10, 12 14 16 18 20….. what’s next?


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