Room 15

Room 15 Timetable for Home learning

Kia ora, whanau. Hope you are all staying safe and well in your bubble. This is a guideline of how your child might manage their day. Have fun and keep active!


Suggested Time

Suggested Activities



Connect with your teacher-email, Seesaw

Reply to teacher’s email or log in Seesaw to say hello to Mrs Wu

9.15am-9.30 am

Get Moving

Do something that gets your heart rate up.

(yoga, dancing )



Do a reading activity or work on Myon, then spend some time looking at picture books, listening to stories online, or listening to other people reading.

Morning Tea



Mindfulness-breath in and breath out

Focus only on your breath

10.30am -11.00 am

Writing and Fine Motor Activities

Complete a writing activity (create your own stories, share your feeling and thoughts)

Practice cutting, colouring, drawing, and sticking.

11.00 am-11.15 am

Fitness (burn off some energy!)

Jump, run around the garden, skip, hula hoop


11.15am-11.45 am


Exploring different shapes at home

And then practice making patterns

Making a quarter turn/ a half turn to the left and right

Practice giving instructions to your family to get somewhere at home

Draw a map of your bedroom/ living room

Practise subtraction and addition within 20

11.45am-12.30 pm

Art and Craft/Construction

Build and create with anything you have in the house.




optional activities




helping with chore

helping with gardening


anything you feel fun


Don’t forget to check your email box:) 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (

Keeping safe and well!

warm regards

Jojo Wu



  • Choose a story and find a comfy spot to sit and listen.
  •  Make a recording about what book you chose and what it was about. You can listen to as many stories as you like, but just choose one to record about.

This is a reading platform that some of my students already tried in class. Myon has thousands of ebooks with audio samples and comprehension tasks after reading.I have username and password for each child for Myon, please email me if you need it.




  • Look at the pictures inside the boxes…they will show you Who, What, Where, and When.
  • Think of a sentence that would match.
  • DO NOT FORGET your capital letters and punctuation where they need to go.

    Story Time

    I am a bad seed

    • Make a recording about how you act like a good seed and bad seed.




  • Writing

    Write about what you love yourself.

    Please check the capital letters and the ending mark.

    e.g. I love myself because …


August 24 th

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August 26 th

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August 27 th

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