Room 16

Kia ora everyone,

Welcome to online learning. I hope you are all doing well and safe in your bubbles. I will regularly update this page. 

Miss Kissun.



We will continue learning on StudyLadder. Miss Kissun will assign reading and math tasks for you to complete. If you need help logging onto your accounts, please feel free to email me and I will be able to assist you.


Hi Room 16,

Welcome to another week of online learning. I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your whanau. I enjoy seeing all the amazing learning you are doing at home. I have included a ‘Home Learning Diary’ that you can fill and send to Miss Kissun. Please continue making contact with me. Take care. 






Hi Room 16,

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer and the flowers have started to bloom. To celebrate the arrival of spring, I have attached a few activities that you can complete. I hope you are all safe and well. Make sure to continue to go outside to get some fresh air and exercise.

Miss Kissun. 


Kia Ora Room 16,

We are back to another week of home learning. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your whanau in your bubbles. Thank you all for keeping in touch with me and sending me all the amazing work that is happening. Ka pai. 

I have set tasks to be completed on StudyLadder. You guys are doing great at completing the assigned tasks. Keep it up.

There has been great reading happening on the reading platform MyOn. Continue completing the reading and writing tasks which Miss Kissun has assigned. Enjoy reading all the picture books on MyOn. 

It’s very important to exercise everyday. Get moving by going on a walk with your parent or guardian, get groovy and have a dance or do some stretches. Look at these cool gymnastics challenges. Have a go and try these out for yourself. Stay safe!

Gymnastics Card 1.pdf

Gymnastics Card.pdf



Will you look under?

Will you look in front?

Will you look behind?


I know some of you are getting outside and enjoying fresh air. This week , while you are out for your walk I would like you to think about position and direction. You can note down in a notebook the following:

What direction am I going?

Am I going straight?

Did I turn left?

Did I turn right?

What landmarks do I see around?

How many steps does it take to get to the mailbox from you front door?

Draw a map showing your walk that you took.



Start a journal and write down all the things you did at home with your parents or gurdians. You can send them to me to read! 

This would be a great time to start writing stories to enter the competition currently taking place at Henderson North. Year 1-2 students can write a fantasy story, fairytale or animals. Your stories can be between 50-150 words. Have fun writing.

Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, it’s a great time to go outiside for some fresh air and walk around the neighbourhood with your parent or guardian. 

The NZ Bear Hunt is back! Be on the look out for any teddy bears on your daily walks, and share any photos of teddy bears you find.



Continue to work on your multiplication and practice your times tables.


Put on your creative hats and build landmarks with lego, bake some yummy cookies in the kitchen or choreograph and new dance to share with your family! 

Stay safe!