Wearing face masks is one of the best ways of protecting yourself andothers from COVID-19, especially when in poorly ventilated spaces orwhen it is hard to physically distance yourself from others. Studentsand staff in years 3 to 6 are encouraged to wear a mask while indoors.People with COVID-19 and household contacts must

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Room 17

Room 17 with Mrs Sales @ Henderson North School


About the Teacher

I am Mrs Sales and I have an enthusiastic class of year 3 students. We work as a team, helping each other to be the best we can be. It is always fun when everyone wants to be part of an awesome team. They learn from me and I learn from them and together we all have a lot of fun!
July 2023
Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars, that rises in midwinter and for many Māori, heralds the start of the new year. Matariki is a time to gather with family and friends to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future.
Our tamariki have created Matariki 8-point stars. Check out this gallery.

We are the students in Room 17. We like to learn and share our ideas and we like working together as a team.  We like coming to school and playing with our friends. 



June 2023

Our ‘Favourite Zoo Animal’ haiku poems are done and they’ve turned out so well! Our tamariki are so proud of their masterpiece!



June 2023

Check out these fun-filled photos on our Zoo trip



May 2023

This is definitely one of the beautiful spots in the classroom at the moment.

Tangram: Trees and birds

Definitely one of the beautiful spots in the classroom at the moment. Tangram: trees and birds


Our tamariki during the Matariki Concert Classroom Performance


Tuakana-teina: Our tamariki with our buddy class, Room 3.

Ko te tumanako kei te ora koutou katoa. I hope you are safe and healthy. Keep safe!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all.


Please email me should you require any support.



Meanwhile, please complete the activities below to help you learn whilst staying at home.



A Cyclone is coming,

The weathermen said.

Not more bad weather?

They’re off their head!

We’ve had the rain,

The floods all summer.

December and January,

A total bummer!


Fill your sandbags up,

Load up your truck.

With food and water,

Your son and daughter.


Head for the hills,

Don’t forget nana’s pills.

You’ll be safer there,

But we weren’t going anywhere.


The roads were all stuffed,

Getting out was too tough.

So we stocked up on kai,

And tied the tramp so it didn’t fly.


The sky went grey,

Like a gloomy winter’s day.

The wind got stronger,

How much longer?


The storm finally hit,

It was a bit

The fence wobbled and shook,

And so did the chook.


The wind blew and blew,

And the dark clouds passed through.

The rain poured down a lot,

Then on Wednesday, it stopped.


Out came the sun at last,

Thank goodness, summer was disappearing fast.

Out came the mops and brushes again,

By now we were very used to rain.


We mopped we swept, we wiped, we shifted,

All the broken stuff we lifted.

Into a big pile down the drive,

Waiting for the rubbish truck to arrive.


It was a blow, it wasn’t nice,

But when warnings come, we don’t think twice.

We get prepared, we do as they say,

So we can survive another “summer” day. 


The most important thing of all,

Is that our house stood tall?

We stayed dry and safe from more awful weather,

And our family was brave and calm together.

Activity:     Why not design a “storm safe” poster or a cartoon strip that shows smart things you and your family can do to prepare if a storm is coming?



Reading: Sight Word Activity




ReaHandwriting: Casey Caterpillar. Please click the link below.


Cloze Reading Practice: A Present for Me

• Read the words in the box above the passage.

• Read the passage.

• Reread the passage and write one of the words from the box on each line.

• Each word can only be used ONCE.

• Reread the passage again to see if it makes sense.




This is all for today. I will see you on Monday, the 21st February.

Stay safe and healthy!



Reading:   Please read the text below and answer the following questions.

Text: Big Ben









Handwriting: Casey Caterpillar 

This is how we learn our letter shapes and formation. This is a good chance to practice your handwriting. I have found a video to share on Casey Caterpillar. Miss Pearce will help you with Casey caterpillar handwriting. Please see the video below.

j- possum tail

u- cup

c- open mouth

y- cup,

possum tail

g- open mouth, possum tail


Writing: Stretch the Sentence

When writing, it is important to include details. This helps you to ‘paint a picture in the mind of your readers. In this activity, you have been given five sentences that do not include details. Your task is to S T R E T C H the sentences by adding details. You can use the questions “Who?”, “What?”, “When?”, “Where?”, “Why?” and “How?” to help you.

Here is an example: Original sentence – The boy played. Stretched sentence – Yesterday, the tall, young boy played basketball at the playground with his friend, Bob.

You can see that the second, stretched sentence adds a lot more details.

**Remember that you are only writing one sentence, not a story. 

1. The dog ran.

2. The girl swam.

3. The man ate.

4. We are staying at home.

5. Learning is fun.


Maths: Repeating Patterns (Algebra)














We have our online class every day at 10 am. We’re happy to share some of our screenshots. It’s amazing how our tamariki are engaged and interested in learning despite the lockdown. Thank you for your fantastic effort.

Let’s all be well and safe.


For families who have devices, you can access the ‘Seesaw’ app. Please check your inbox, I have sent you the link and your child’s login code.

For reading, please we are into ‘MyOn’; I have also sent you the link and the details. Please check your inbox.

Please email me should you require any support.

For families who don’t have internet access and require a pack from the Ministry please email me.

Keep learning and be safe.

Be a little bit more patient, more forgiving, and kinder today and always. 









Kia Ora tamariki ma,

I hope all is well in your bubble. It’s the last day of Week 4, it’s FRI-YAY!

I’m grateful to all of you who are staying engaged and interested. Shout out to all of the amazing parents/guardians and families doing everything they can to continue supporting and “teaching” during the lockdown. Please know that you are valued and appreciated. I am so grateful to you and the hard work and dedication you have for your children. This is overwhelming but I know you are all doing the best you can! Feel PROUD!

For today’s tasks, I have set some activities in the seesaw app. Keep exploring and learning. Also, I’m setting up the new reading programme which the school has launched recently, I will send you the details shortly.

I would like you to write 10 words in your book which you have learned from our lessons this week. Make sure you know their spelling and meaning.

Kindness Calendar: Write a family member a nice note. Be kind and respectful.

This is all for today. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Nui te Aroha,

Mrs. Sales




Kia ora everyone,

Welcome to online learning. I hope you are all doing well and safe in your bubbles.

We will continue learning on’Seesaw”. Please complete the assigned tasks in the folder.  I have sent your student log-in codes to parents. Otherwise, have a look at the link below. If you still need help logging onto your accounts, please feel free to email me and I will be able to assist you.

For Writing, you may start a journal and write down all the things you did at home with your parents or guardians. This would be a great time to start writing stories to enter the competition currently taking place at school. You can write a fiction or fantasy story, fairytale, or animal. Have fun writing.

For Maths, carry on practising your multiplication table. 


Please see the link below for fitness.

Stay safe!


Nga mihi,

Mrs. Sales