School is open and we are keeping things running as safely and smoothly as possible. It is important that children are in school if they are well so that they can enjoy life in a classroom with a teacher and their friends. If your children are going to be away

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Talk to Learn




We are working together to complete the puzzle! Look we finished it!

Our topic this term is Pirates!  We have been exploring and developing lots of oral language around Pirates.  We’ve also made finger puppets and masks.

Talk to Learn is an oral language programme aimed at helping students with identified language delays.

The programme is designed for students from new entrant to Year 2 and is closely linked with the New Zealand Curriculum. At Henderson North School we have small group sessions each day with 1:5 teacher children ratio.

Specific language skills are continuously practised in each session and a variety of fun short tasks are central to the success of the programme. The theme for the programme is related to the topic being studied in class which ensures the students receive exposure to the same information.

At Henderson North School each session is 45 minutes long, with four sessions per day. The classes are taught by Mrs O’Toole and Mrs Kay.