School is open and we are keeping things running as safely and smoothly as possible. It is important that children are in school if they are well so that they can enjoy life in a classroom with a teacher and their friends. If your children are going to be away

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Year 3-4 Reading

Welcome year 3’s and 4’s


StepsWeb –  is an online literacy program that adapts to each learner and practises all the core skills needed for reading and spelling. 

We are so lucky to have this program available to all our Year 4-6 tamariki. If your child has access to the internet and a device they can access the StepsWeb program from home. 

All they need is their username and password. If your child does not know these details please feel free to contact me

Subject line: StepsWeb

Child’s Name: 

Room number: 

The first time your child logs in this year they will need to complete a spelling test that places them at the correct level on the program. Please make sure your child can have a quiet place to do this and does not get any help during this test or else they will be placed incorrectly in the program and will find the learning too hard and less enjoyable. 

Please click on the link below to access the StepsWeb website 

Click here to access StepsWeb

MyON – Henderson North School has access to over 6,000 ebooks and audiobooks! Track your reading, challenge yourself and learn something new with myON. Every student has their own log in to the website and from there it is only a short step to reading as many books as you want on a huge range of subjects. So what are you waiting for? Let’s read!

If your child is unsure of their username and/password, please feel free to contact Yvonne or Mikaela 

Please click the myON link below to access the myON website.

Click here to access myON

March is Reading month , please have a look at the link below.