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Year 3-4 Writing

Watch this short Video. write a recount about what the video was about. Send a photo of your writing to your teacher. Remember to read the guide below to help you. Also put in your writing about how the video made you feel and what changes could you do in future.


recount features.


  • the recount has a title, which usually summarises the text
  • specific participants (Mum, the crab)
  • the basic recount consists of three parts:
    1. the setting or orientation – background information answering who? when? where? why?
    2. events are identified and described in chronological order.
    3. concluding comments express a personal opinion regarding the events described
  • details are selected to help the reader reconstruct the activity or incident (Factual Recount)
  • the ending may describe the outcome of the activity, eg. in a science activity (Factual Recount)
  • details of time, place and incident need to be clearly stated, eg. At 11.15 pm, between Reid Rd and Havelock St a man drove at 140 kms toward the shopping centre (Factual Recount)
  • descriptive details may also be required to provide information, eg. He was a skinny boy with a blue shirt, red sneakers and long tied back hair (Factual Recount)
  • includes personal thoughts/reactions (Imaginative Recount)