Principal's Welcome

Henderson North is a “Quality School”, this means that we follow Choice Theory and try to meet each child’s need for

  • Safety & Security
  • Love & Belonging
  • Power & Success
  • Freedom & Choice
  • Fun

In this way we want children to look forward to coming to school each day and to feel that what they are learning at school has some value to them.

We talk about quality – that it is something that adds quality to our lives, that it can be improved upon each day, that it makes us feel good and it is something we are proud of, and it is the best we can do.

Achieving quality helps children feel better about themselves because they are achieving success. They feel a sense of belonging to the class and school, they find freedom in their ability to work and self evaluate, and ultimately they will find learning more fun.

For children to produce quality work and quality behaviour they need to know the criteria against which they will measure their efforts. Children are taught to self evaluate.

School Pepehā

Ko Waitakere tōku Maunga

Ko Opanuku tōku Awa

Ko Te Rakau Kauri tōku Kura

Honore Te Kupu

The Waitakeres are our mountains 

Opanuku is our stream

Henderson North is our school

Honor thy word 

Our Values

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Friendly

Be a Learner

Be Responsible

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Calendar / Events

Monday, December 6

T4 W8
All Day

Monday, December 13

T4 W9
All Day

Tuesday, December 14

Last Day of School
All Day

Monday, December 27

T4 W1
12:00 am

Monday, January 3

T4 W1
12:00 am

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